One step forward, two steps back

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Today was one of those “one step forward, two steps back” kind of days for Boone.

Our one step forward was that he FINALLY 💩. I know, little things make me happy. I think my friend and I let out a little cheer on our morning walk when my hubby texted me that emoji.

Our two steps back started when he only picked at his breakfast. Granted this was before our one step forward event. I probably wouldn’t want to eat if I hadn’t, well, you know, since Wednesday either.

During his morning cold compress session I noticed some redness and bruising not close to the amp site which worried me. Then I found another spot in another area and the neurotic side of me decided we needed to see the vet.

So, off we went. And it turned out all the redness and bruising was pretty much normal (I probably should have waited to hear from the fabulous TriPwawd community before subjecting Boone to a trip to his least favorite place).

He’s been pretty quiet all day and I have to keep reminding myself, and listening to those who’ve gone before us in his TriPawd journey, that it’s only 4 days post-amp. A major surgery.

We did start cold/warm compress sessions to help move some of the fluid. Thankfully my mom is an amazing seamstress so I have plenty of dog friendly rice and corn packs to help with this.


We’re getting another beautiful blanket of snow today so I hope to get some pics of Boone outside tomorrow.

Right now he just wants to sleep by the woodstove. 💖🐾

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Author: jeanetteg

Our sweet & crazy Boone was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in December 2016, and amputation was performed January 24, 2017. Five weeks post-amp a mass in his chest and lung mets were discovered. He left us way too soon on March 14, 2017...tail wagging in the peaceful sunshine of our living room. His big heart and personality is missed.

5 thoughts on “One step forward, two steps back”

    1. We have plenty, thanks! Silly Boone didn’t like the sloshing noise of a hot water bottle so I was grateful for your packs 😊

  1. I would imagine the warmth of the wood stove feels good on his wound, well body too! Hang in there Boone, many people pulling for you 💕

  2. Yes, we did let out a (huge) cheer upon receipt of the emoji! Boone is lucky to have a conscientious mom by his side to ensure a successful recovery. Keep taking those steps forward Boone!

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