The Adventures of Tuck and Ryker

Time has slipped by since Boone crossed the Bridge over two years ago, but he’s still a big part of our memories and lives.

And he certainly wanted to make sure our lives were full of laughter and hi-jinks.

First, he sent us Tornado Tuck just two weeks after he passed. This crazy boy was only supposed to be a foster, but we failed ;-). I’m so thankful we did.

Tuck’s over-the-top energy and athleticism led us to a dog sport I’d never tried before – agility. While we started out with no intention of ever competing, just a year or so after our first class, we entered our first trial.

Today, Tuckaroo (he has a lot of nicknames, kinda like Booneman had) has his Open titles in Agility Standard and Jumpers with Weaves. He’s SO much fun, and he just LOVES to run and jump.

Here’s a compilation video my agility instructor put together for us.

Jeanette, Tuck, Ryker 040519

This week we would like to introduce you to Jeanette and her pups!When Jeanette describes life with Tuck, a 2 ½ year old probable sled dog/hound mix and Ryker, a Rottweiler puppy, one of the Allstate commercials featuring the character Mayhem comes to mind. When they aren’t in timeout (which happens fairly often – especially when the boys don’t get their regular daily walks), she says the two create total chaos with their rambunctiousness and have played so hard they knocked the couch over. After losing a beloved dog, Boone, in 2017 to bone cancer, Jeanette swore she would not get another for at least a year. Two weeks later her husband saw a cute black and tan dog that had been rescued from Tok and needed an urgent foster family. The only thing they knew was that he was “great with other dogs and people, but does not like ducks.” Tuck came home with them and was an absolute angel for two weeks so he became a foster fail when they decided to adopt him. Apparently Tuck knew he had found his forever home because after those first two weeks, the honeymoon phase was over and he started to show his true colors. When Jeanette noticed Tuck’s favorite place was walking on the back edge of the couch, she thought agility would be a great way for him to burn some excess energy. She signed up for a class with Bell Creek Agility & Obedience in October 2017 and told Patti that they would never compete because Tuck could never be focused enough to make it through a course in competition. But Tuck loved the sport from day one and has earned his ACT 2, Novice Standard, and Novice Jumpers titles plus one leg towards his Open Standard title. Jeanette grew up with Rottweilers and had been waiting for a puppy since her last Rottie died four years ago. Ryker joined the family in October 2018 and is a WILD MAN when he doesn’t have enough mental stimulation. Agility helped keep Tuck’s energy in check, so she enrolled Ryker in the puppy agility class and is surprised by how agile and fast he is despite his large size. Both dogs are super food motivated (the stinkier the treat the better) and Jeanette’s homemade Salmon Blondies are a favorite. Be sure to ask her for the recipe when you see her at the arena!Something that people may not know about Jeanette is that she served in the United States Air Force as a F-15 Avionics Technician. In her spare time she likes to crochet, or as her husband describes it, she likes to tie knots. She also makes some really fantastic dog tug toys. Training for and competing in agility has helped Jeanette bond with both Tuck and Ryker. Tuck is very forgiving of her when she screws up and they are always having fun no matter how bad a run on the course may go. Ryker is still learning the team concept but is happy to be out there giving it his all. She has participated in competitive dog sports since she was a teenager and really likes that the Bell Creek students have a strong camaraderie and are so supportive of each other. Jeanette believes that in addition to regular daily exercise to help keep the chaos under control, agility gives dogs a job to do that works both their brain and ours. She encourages everyone to give agility a try – at least once – because it is a great way to stay active and bond with your dog. Plus…it is REALLY FUN!!!

Posted by Bell Creek Agility & Obedience, LLC on Friday, April 5, 2019

Boone apparently didn’t think training and competing in agility with Tuck was enough, so he sent a little (BIG) Rotty baby to us in October 2018 (you’ll see him in the video as well!).

Ryker is a big, goofy sweet boy who has no clue about his size. Kind of like Boone.

The boys rough-house a little too much some days, and have managed to tip the couch over more than once. Here they are during a rare peaceful moment in their respective places on the couch.

As you can see, Ryker is about twice the size of little Tuck. Thank goodness he has a sweet personality!

Both boys get their own daily walk on Boone’s favorite paths, and I’m certain Boone is right there with us, smiling his big smile.

Boone buddy, you did good sending me these two.

But I’d appreciate it if you’d stop daring them to top all of your good-bad-dog antics.

From street dog to agility dog

Boone truly had a sense of humor when he chose Tornado Tuck for us. I guess he thought I wasn’t getting nearly enough exercise so he sent us a dog that LOVES agility.

I’ve been in dog sports my whole life but never gave agility a try. ‘Til now.

Tuck is truly in his happy place every week at class. We’re bonding even more and he keeps me humble when he suddenly decides sniffing and zoomies are much more entertaining than obstacles.

This past weekend we participated in an Agility Course Test. For those in the dog sports world, it’s kind of like the CGC for agility. We had to have two qualifying runs in each level (ACT 1 and ACT 2) to earn the titles, and I’m thrilled (and actually a little surprised) that we managed to get both on Saturday.

Here’s a shot of him at an agility run through last month (look at that smile). My instructor is using this image on her current Facebook promotion.


And here is a video from one of our ACT 2 runs. Thankfully we didn’t film the second run, as crazy Tuck wiped out on the pause table. But he bounced back – uninjured – and we finished strong.

It’s hard to imagine our lives without this little ball of energy.

One Year an Angel

It’s hard to fathom that one year ago you earned your wings, Boone.

You were our “Bad Dog Bundle,” always making us laugh with all of your antics. That tail of yours never stopped wagging and you had the most infectious (and mischievous) smile. It was hard to have a bad day with you around.

You were my walking buddy, couch cuddler and lifter of spirits.

I still miss you terribly. But I know you’ve been restored to health, and you found Miss Lexi waiting for you at the Bridge.

Just two short weeks after you passed, you sent the craziest little earthly sidekick to remind us that it’s ok for life to go on. It’s OK if we still smile and laugh – especially when he pulls stunts like you did. I swore up and down we wouldn’t keep him; it was too soon, he was “too small” for my liking and gosh was he a screamer!

Tuck LOVES riding with the sunroof open!

He’s a little guy compared to you, easily half your size. But what he lacks in size he makes up for in personality. There are days when I’m certain the two of you have a conversation that goes something like this:

Boone: “Hey, Tuck. I bet you can’t top…”

Tuck: “Hold my beer…”

Uh, Tuck…what are you doing??

Now we’re running agility, something I’ve never done before. You should see him fly! For a little guy he’s sure got fast legs. I have a heck of a time keeping up with him (when I can, that is). But he’s smart. He catches on quickly and loves to please.

I’m sure you told him about our walks and that at 3 o’clock every afternoon, he should demand that I leave my desk and leash up to check out the neighborhood. Which we do.

This past summer, butterflies kept us company on our walks. You always loved chasing butterflies, Boone.

And he’s won over the heart of your favorite little girl in the neighborhood. I wasn’t sure how he would be, but you must have told him what a sweet girl she is and that he should greet her with the biggest tail wag. He doesn’t tower over her quite like you did – but he loves her just the same.

I better wrap this up. My keyboard is getting wet…

I miss you, Boone.

‘Til we meet again.

Boone and me resting after a hike up the Butte.

6 Months…

As crazy Tuck (Boone’s earthly sidekick) and I were walking in the fall colors yesterday, I realized it had been six months since Boone crossed the Bridge. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t shed some tears missing that big, goofy boy, but I’m also laughing and smiling a lot more. And a lot of it has to do with the little big devil dog that Boone sent to us.

Boone’s signals and signs have become fewer, but the ones he sends are powerful. Like this huge rainbow that appeared low to the ground at the end of our road one afternoon in August. I’ve never seen one this close to ground, this close to our home before. It reminded me that he and Lexi are romping and loving life at the Bridge.

I think Boone had a very mischievous plan when he sent Tuck our way just two weeks after he passed. This little big dog has topped any and ALL bad dog things Boone EVER did! And you can bet Boone is just rolling with laughter at the Bridge. For example…

Tuck is pretty sure he’s a mountain goat. Or maybe a bird on his big perch.


And yes, that’s our antique chest/coffee table that Tuck is exploring. Notice my hubby isn’t doing anything to discourage Tuck (but then neither am I).

This was where Tuck ended up after squeezing his little body through the pet barrier in the back of my car. Which would have been fine except he learned how to shift the car from drive to neutral more than once on this trip!

Boone was notorious for trying to eat money. Well, he must have whispered to Tuck how great money tastes. I walked back to my home office to wrap things up for the day and discovered this along with $12 on the floor. Ummm..Tuck?! At first I had a good laugh because I thought it was my hubby’s that Tuck found on a counter. That is until I headed to a meeting the next morning, grabbed my purse and realized Boone’s earthly sidekick had unsnapped the pocket with the money and pulled it out. Sigh.

But then he switches from a little devil dog to an angel. How can you stay upset with this face?!


And my goodness did I have a good laugh when I walked past our bedroom door one morning and saw Tuck doing his best yoga pose.

Tuck also knows (just as Boone did) when it’s time for me to call it quits for the day.

I’m so grateful for the 7 years we had with Boone. And am doubly grateful that my hubby “just happened” to see the post on our local rescue group of a little black and tan dog needing an urgent foster just two weeks after Boone left us. This little big devil dog has completely stolen our hearts and reminded us that it’s ok to laugh and love again.

PS – we’re starting agility in October. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try and considering Tuck can leap from a sit straight up to his perch on the back of the couch, I think agility is going to come naturally to him. Now if I can get him to focus 😉