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Bad to the (TriPawd) Boone

Our unexpected journey with our bad dog bundle

Bad to the (TriPawd) Boone

Glimpses of Boone returning on day 2

January 27th, 2017 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

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Boone is adjusting nicely to living as a TriPawd and we’re beginning to see glimpses of the “bad dog bundle” returning already on day 2.

He’s learning to navigate through the house, is figuring out the slow hop to laying down position and is a pro at taking the three stairs out to the back yard. I still have to help him coming up the stairs although I think he’d gladly attempt it on his own – I just don’t want to risk a fall.

Figuring out which leg he can safely lift to pee is proving to be a learning curve for him. I have to make sure I’m there to steady him if he goes off balance. Which he does. But he’s such a trooper.

Here he is today, after a failed attempt to get on the couch (I stopped him then placed one of the terrifying baby gates in front of it to discourage another attempt).

Last night was a very restless, sleepless night. Boone couldn’t seem to get comfortable and refused to sleep on any of his 3 beds. After getting up a couple of times to check on him I finally decided it would just be easier for me to sleep on one of his beds in the living room to try and comfort him. Good thing I’m “vertically challenged.” Boone continued to squeak most of the night but I don’t think it was an “I’m in pain” squeak. He happily accepted a few Yummy Chummies and eventually settled in.

His appetite isΒ returning. This morning he ate an almost normal breakfast as well as apple slices for treats. He isn’t quite at the counter begging for them yet, but I’m sure he will be soon.

And he “found his tail” again πŸ™‚ I hadn’t seen him wag it so hard in a while.

This afternoon he picked up a Nylabone and got about the business of figuring out how to hold it with one paw while chewing. He’ll get there.

All in all, I think he’s progressing as he should. The incision area looks good, no drainage, and the redness is slowly fading. Boone is a really deep chested dog so I have to figure out a fleece or other soft band to place along his underside if he continues to insist on sleeping on the floor instead of a bed. I’m sure if he could talk he’d tell me the bed problem would be solved if I’d just move the baby gate away from the couch.

That’s all from Boone’s world today. I hope to get better pictures of him outside once he decides he can go out during daylight hours ;-).

PS – I uploaded some of my favorite Boone pics on a new page if you’d like to see what a character he is. Scroll back up to the top and look for Favorite Boone Pics in the menu.

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9 Comments so far ↓

  • Linda Block

    I love hearing. Thank you for taking time to do this. A gentle hug to Boone

  • juliedarling

    What a sweet boy!! You’ve got this! Hang in there, we are here for you and your humans!

    Julie and Spirit Buddy

  • benny55

    Seeing these pictures of this MAGNIFICENT BOONE has me grinning ear to ear! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ He really is handsome and truly magnificent!!

    I know it’s hard to be patient, but this really is early in recovery!! For Boone to show any interest at all in his bone at this point really is a good glimmer!! To see tail wags start up again is probably one of the best “glimmers” of all!

    I looked at his other photos. Boone is such a delightful fella’! I love the size comparison in the couch! What a wonderful treasure! And he certainly has a wonderful Guardian watching over him now.

    Keep the good updates AND great ohotos coming! Love this boy!! πŸ™‚


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • jeanetteg

      Thanks so much, Sally. I know we’re going to have our ups and downs along this journey and I’m so thankful for the support & encouragement of the TriPawds community.


  • Gennifer

    It’s wonderful to see that little sparkle in your eyes again Boone. Though I know you have some time to go in your recovery, I can tell you feel so much better.

    Love you sweet boy! Gen and Abby

    P.S. Jason says “hi” and you look just as handsome as ever!

  • otisandtess

    He looks great! I would wait until the stitches come out (about day 10) before unblocking the sofa. My Otis was up there immediately as soon as I did.

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