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Bad to the (TriPawd) Boone

Our unexpected journey with our bad dog bundle

Bad to the (TriPawd) Boone

Day 1 As A TriPawd

January 26th, 2017 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

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Today is Boone’s first day as a TriPawd and he’s doing so well considering all he’s been through.

I was a bit amazed when the vet at the 24-hour clinic where Boone spent last night called me at 6:15 this morning to let me know he had already gone out 3 times and needed very little assistance getting up and moving around.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but Boone has always been an overachiever ;-).

Today has been a resting day. Lots of hugs and Yummy Chummies and being thankful that Boone’s painful leg is now a distant memory.

We’ll take this journey one day at a time, making sure Boone is happy, pain-free, and back to being his “bad dog bundle” self as soon as he can!

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10 Comments so far ↓

  • janeothejungle

    Yay Boone! If ever there is a time to milk that face for all the treats and cuddles, this is it! Keep hopping, big guy!

    Kat and Astro

  • Gennifer

    Love you Boone! You are an inspiration. We’ve missed you and hope to see you walking around the block soon!

    Love and healing thoughts,
    Gen and Abby

    • jeanetteg

      Thank you for your endless support and listening ear over the past few months, Gen. It’s been such a difficult journey and Boone and I will be thrilled when we can finally rejoin you and Abby for a walk.

  • benny55

    BOONE!!! YOU ARE A VERY, VERY HANDSOME BOY! You do jave a look on your face that says he can’t wait to be his BAD DOG BUNDLE self!!

    Take it real slow for now Handsome. You may not feel very good for a few days and nights, especially once the hospital meds wear off.

    Looking forward to great updates AND more photos! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • jeanetteg

      Aw, thanks, Sally (and Happy Hannah, Merry Myrtle & Frankie!).

      And you’re right about the first few days and nights. Sleepless and restless for us but we’re making progress.

  • huskymum

    That’s so comforting our husky is booked in 2 weeks for his front leg amputation. I am not sure what to expect but Boone seems to be coping really well! All the best ❤️

    • jeanetteg

      Boone is coping very well on 3 legs and like you, I had no idea what to expect. I was in tears when they wheeled him out after surgery Monday night but even then, Boone already looked relieved. The cancerous leg had gotten so incredibly painful and heavy that I have no idea how he managed to still eat and give us a little tail wag.

      We’re taking it one day at a time.

      Hugs to you and your husky for a successful surgery and recovery.

  • tpodmom

    Way to go Boone! Such a handsome boy! So nice to meet you. You are in a good place on this site with lots of people who will give you encouragement. Us included!! Take it slow and do what your mom and doc tell you.
    My boy was born with only 3 legs so it’s all he has ever know.

    Hugs from,
    Denna and TriPod (Mr. T)
    “living life to the fullest…One Hop at a Time”

    • jeanetteg

      Thank you, Denna and TriPod (Mr. T) 😉

      I’m SO thankful my hubby found In fact, it’s what changed his mind about moving forward with amputation. It was the best decision we made.

      This is definitely slowing Boone down a bit, but I’m confident he’ll be back to full strength soon.

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