Dryer ball dash…and other signs Boone is on the mend

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Boone celebrated his 2-week ampiversary on Tuesday this week with a nice little hop, topped off with a “drag mom across the street to visit one of his favorite people.” He was SO happy :-).

Unfortunately, his over exuberance resulted in a sore rear leg (on the amp side) so the rest of his week has been quiet. He seems better today, but I’m not taking any chances. He’ll be resting ’til his staples come out on Wednesday.

He may not be able to hop right now, but that doesn’t stop his tail from wagging.


Every day we’re seeing glimpses of the old Boone that we know and love.

Last night I was taking clothes out of the dryer, while Boone rested on his ortho bed in the living room. I wasn’t paying attention and one of the wool dryer balls bounced out and rolled across the floor. Boone was up like a shot and the dryer ball dash ensued. He was in heaven. And I was laughing and scrambling to grab a cookie to exchange for the dryer ball (we never taught Boone how to give up a toy – or what he thinks is a toy – without bribery).

After a rousing game of dryer ball dash, Boone decided belly rubs were in order.  It’s so much easier to reach that belly from this angle without that pesky leg. It won’t be long before he returns to adjusting the recliner with his head.

And this morning, to really let me know he was on the mend, Boone popped up from his resting place when he heard me prepping hubby’s lunch. Apples are a favorite treat for our bad dog bundle, and he’s always sat patiently (well, not really) while I peel and slice. Today was the first day in several weeks that he actually got up from his resting spot to wait for a slice or two.

I haven’t posted about further cancer treatment, although some people have asked privately. We are not pursuing chemotherapy. Boone gets incredibly stressed going to the vet so we’re opting for a holistic route with our wonderful vet that makes house calls. We’ll keep him as happy and as comfortable as we can for whatever time he has left with us.

Thanks for cheering Boone along on his new journey. He send a virtual kiss and propeller tail wag :-).


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Author: jeanetteg

Our sweet & crazy Boone was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in December 2016, and amputation was performed January 24, 2017. Five weeks post-amp a mass in his chest and lung mets were discovered. He left us way too soon on March 14, 2017...tail wagging in the peaceful sunshine of our living room. His big heart and personality is missed.

8 thoughts on “Dryer ball dash…and other signs Boone is on the mend”

  1. Boone – you have such a happy, joyful spirit and it is truly wonderful to see it again. Watching your videos and reading about your mischief makes me smile…I know how grateful your mom is to have her bad dog bundle return. I am glad to hear that your sore rear (good) leg is starting to feel better and hope to see you out for your hops soon. Meanwhile, enjoy those belly rubs, apples, and naps by the warm wood stove. Love and healing thoughts ❤️ 💕🐾

  2. That wagging tail is a beautiful sight indeed!! 🙂 Boone looks quite pleased with himself too! Such a handsome boy!

    And yeah, it’s much easier to give better tummy rubs now without that spare leg!

    Clearly Boone is getting his sparkle back faster and faster! Love hearing all the stories showing he is returning to normal routines like helping you make his Dad’s lunch by tasting the apple for him! And going after his dryer ball “toy”…adorable!! I always have to “trade” the item my dog may have in her mouth at any given time for a treat too! 🙂 🙂

    You rest that sore leg Mr Boone! It is soooo easy to overdo this early on!

    Chemo has no guarantees one way or another. If a dog hates going to the Vet, it certainly makes sense not to go that route. . It’s ALWAYS about quality time for loving and spoiling….And you seem to be doing that with Boone just fine!

    Keep these great updates coming! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Thank you Sally & crew. 🐾💕 Boone is really making progress. I’m so thankful for the TriPawds community, especially when something quirky happens along this journey. I know we’re not alone and that’s comforting 😊💕

  3. What great news! I love dryer ball dash, and if he is rolling over for belly rubs, he must be feeling good. Many people choose not to do chemo, for a variety of reasons. And some dogs who do not do chemo outlive dogs who do. There really are no guarantees, with chemo or without. So, more dryer ball dash!

    1. He is feeling good 😊 And it really lifts our spirits to see the old Boone coming back. More dryer ball dash sessions are likely in the works.

  4. Wooot! Woooot! OMG you and Boone are cracking me up! I never thought of the dryer ball as a toy, that’s hilarious!

    Belly rubs are easier without that pesky leg, so is cutting nails and cleaning paws. Lots of bonuses to being a Tripawd, including being the center of attention wherever you go 🙂

    We didn’t do chemo either, and we are still 100% good with that choice. It’s not for everypawdy. Boone is lucky to have such great humans in tune with his needs. Go team Boone!

    1. Boone can turn anything into a toy. Including a rock. He makes us smile so we’ll do all we can to keep him happy, too.

      Think I need some Team Boone swag 😉

      Thanks for the encouragement 🐾

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